About Buzz & Bloom


Welcome to Buzz & Bloom – a place for lovers of products from the hive and the enchanting world of bees. It's been a winding journey but every year has brought me deeper into the world of my bees. My business focuses on the hives with an herbal flair.

The Evolution

In the inception of Bud & Bloom Botanicals, my vision was a blend of an herbal apothecary, honey, and a doula service. Armed with a freshly acquired doula certification, I embarked on this path with grand aspirations for women's health, envisioning herb cultivation on a farm despite lacking land and farming experience.

The journey has been one of remarkable evolution. I've explored a diverse array of products, some becoming beloved staples, others valuable learning experiences. Over time, the balance shifted organically – bees thrived, becoming a focal point as my passion for beekeeping deepened, and my herbal offerings transformed through the lens of my favorite pollinators.

Embracing Change: Buzz & Bloom Emerges

Reflecting on the past year, it became clear that Bud & Bloom Botanicals was metamorphosing into something distinct. A natural progression unfolded, aligning the essence of my business with a deep dedication to my buzzing companions and the pursuit of the bees. Thus, Buzz & Bloom was born—an emblem of the exciting phase that lies ahead on this incredible journey.

What to Expect at Buzz & Bloom

Buzz & Bloom is your destination for the finest local honey, seasonally harvested from various corners of Whatcom County, each labeled with specific nectar flows. Dive into the rich tapestry of honey varietals that our county boasts.

My offerings, including infused honey straws, honey lollipops, beeswax candles, and CBD beeswax balms, remain at the heart of Buzz & Bloom. Expect seasonal and small-batch offerings of hydrosols, pollen, propolis, and more!

Growth and Education

As Buzz & Bloom unfolds, I am thrilled to immerse myself further into the captivating world of beekeeping.  I'm excited to share the wonders of pollination through local education. 

Thank you for being part of this journey. I am thrilled and grateful to have you by my side as I embark on this next chapter of Buzz & Bloom.


Nai'a LeDain
Founder, Buzz & Bloom