Made-to-Order Yoni Steams

Whether you're curious about vaginal steaming or it's been a regular part of your self-care practice, custom yoni steams are the perfect way to specialize your ritual. All yoni steams are made with locally and organically grown or foraged herbs from the Pacific Northwest. Contact our owner, Nai'a, about a special blend made just for your needs, or make up a blend yourself!

Choose from a wide range of herbs listed below and order a full sized (7-10 steams) steam jar with unique packaging made just for you!

About Vaginal Steaming:

Herbal steaming is a tradition that has been passed down through many generations and is used in many cultures around the world. Vaginal steams naturally warm and hydrate your vagina. Each herbal blend can offer many other benefits and has been used as a treatment option for infertility, PMS, cysts, endometriosis, irregular menstruation, infections, sores, postpartum symptoms, menopause, and grief. As a ritual, steaming helps bring focus to self. It can be a meditation on the moon cycle, bringing love and attention to the womb and vagina.  

If you LOVE steaming, there are many options online for steaming seats and kits. Personally, I use a bowl just big enough to fit in the toilet and close the lid for a comfortable seat. Add the herbs to boiling water in the bowl of your choosing and allow the herbs to steep while the steam reaches a comfortable temperature. You can steam your yoni for 15 to 30 minutes. Enjoy this relaxing time, wrapped in a blanket with candles, a book, or some relaxing music. You do not want to steam while on your menstrual cycle, while pregnant, or if you have an IUD.

Herb List:

Calendula: This herb is warming and soothing. It can help relieve temporary discomfort and softens the skin. Calendula promotes relaxation and is a great addition to a pre-moon cycle blend. It also promotes the healing of scar tissue or tears.

Chamomile: Calming chamomile. This is a gentile herb that is soothes vaginal tissue irritation. It can promote restfulness and calm. This would be great in a blend to heal from grief or from skin irritation. 

Lavender: An herb for relaxation. Not only is lavender sedative to the mind but can also relax abdominal muscles. It is great for temporary pain relief and can help with more restful sleep. Lavender is an antimicrobial and can help promote a healthy flow. 

Lemon Balm: Got PMS? Lemon balm is one of my favorite PMS herbs. It is a great hormone balancer and uterus relaxer. It has been used traditionally to help PMS symptoms of all kinds. 

Mugwort: This is a cleansing herb. Using mugwort before your moon cycle can make for a very effective menses. Mugwort is also closely tied to dreams. Adding this to your blend can make for a more dreamful sleep and bring intention into your dreams.

Motherwort: One of my favorite PMS herbs. Motherwort is great for soothing cramping pain and encourages relaxation. It is strengthening and relaxing to uterine muscles making it helpful for PMS, postpartum, and menopause. 

Nettle: This is an herb filled with many vitamins and minerals - specifically beneficial, iron! This makes nettle one of the most powerful postpartum herbs. It is great for womb restoration or can be used after an irregular moon cycle. 

Oat Straw: A blood building herb, oat straw is full of vitamins and minerals that help replenish the body's blood loss after pregnancy or menses. It is hydrating and healing to the vaginal tissue. This is an amazing postpartum herb.

Raspberry Leaf: This is a strengthening and toning herb. Raspberry Leaf makes for a great base for many blends. It can balance hormones and is very healing. 

Red Clover: This herb is a lovely cooling herb. It is great for menopausal and peri-menopausal women, reducing hot flashes and balancing hormones. It can also be a powerful herb in reducing PMS symptoms.

Rose: The herb of love. Rose is a sensual herb and is also a heart-opener. It is gentle on the soft tissue around the vagina, while it also tightens the tissue. Rose uplifts the spirit and can bring freshness and rejuvenation to the womb.

Rosemary: For infertility, rosemary is a common herb. It stimulates circulation in the body, specifically to reproductive organs. It is also an antimicrobial herb that makes it great for fighting infection. 

Sage: This is an astringent herb. Sage is traditionally used for spiritual cleansing. This herb works well for promoting emotional and spiritual healing while also works well to cleanse after infection. 

St. John's Wort: This is a gentle herb for the skin. It is very soothing to vaginal tissue and can be relaxing to the uterine muscles. This helps with PMS discomfort or menopausal symptoms. 

Yarrow: Yarrow is purifying. It can help cleanse the pores and helps to release extra fluids. Traditionally, yarrow is known as a powerful protector herb. This is a great herb for healing.

Ideas for Herbal Blends:

Cleanse Steam: Calendula, mugwort, sage, and lavender 

Fertility Steam: Lavender, calendula, rosemary, rose petals, and chamomile

Healing from Miscarriage Steam: Mugwort, chamomile, lavender, and calendula

Hydrate Steam: Oat Straw, Red Clover, Nettle, Lemon Balm

PMS Healing Steam: Yarrow, mugwort, raspberry leaf, rose

Postpartum Strength Steam: Yarrow, raspberry leaf, rosemary, calendula

Soothe Menopause Steam:  Lavender, basil, raspberry leaf, and chamomile

Bud & Bloom Botanicals grows and locally sources each part of our products to support our community, grow support for pollinators, and strengthen the planet.