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Tree Candle

Tree Candle

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Experience the essence of nature with this Tree Beeswax Candle, crafted from beeswax directly rendered from the hive. After a season filled with the buzz of activity, the bees gift me not only delectable honey but also beeswax with a rich and captivating scent.

I handcraft these candles using the beeswax, ensuring each one carries the unique depth of aroma that comes from the hard work of very happy bees. Whether you're looking to add a cozy touch to your home or searching for a precious gift, these Tree Candles are the perfect choice.

My bees live all around Whatcom County on small organic farms and beautiful backyards.  Buzz & Bloom harvests and locally sources each part of these products to support local community, grow support for pollinators, and strengthen the planet.

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